Replacing an Existing Garage Door

Replacing an Existing Garage Door

Garage door replacement is often considered a headache for home owners. There are several niggling aspects of changing a garage door. A home owner has to consider numerous factors before replacing a garage door. The owner first needs to ascertain whether the whole garage needs replacement, or whether garage door repairs are sufficient. Sometimes, a simple change of a component is enough, instead of replacing the whole unit.

Once certain, of the need for complete replacement there are several options to consider. Garage door companies like “Clopay Garage Doors” and “Amarr Garage Doors” provide a wide range of garage door replacement solutions. The first point to consider before deciding on a new garage door is the type of material that one requires for his garage. Garage doors are available in wood, steel, fiberglass and plastic derived materials. The selection of the materials can be made on the basis of price, appearance and durability.

The most durable garage doors are made of steel. They are energy efficient and sturdy. However, one major demerit of steel garage doors is that they are drab and do not add to the aesthetics. Steel garage doors do not offer the warmth and class of a wooden garage door. They are however easy to maintain and don’t require frequent repairs. Steel garage doors have an efficient mechanism of working and are very easy to use.

Wooden garage doors are elegant and popular. However, they are not durable and need constant maintenance and repair. This is the reason why wooden garage doors are slowly being replaced by newer materials. Weather changes also cause a lot of wear and tear on the garage doors. Many home owners face the problem of the garage doors getting stalled during summers, when the garage doors swell and warp further due to moisture. However, wooden garage doors are beautiful and add charm to the garage unit. Its aesthetic appeal often outweighs maintenance problems, when it comes to making a garage door selection.

Fiberglass doors are quickly becoming popular as they combine the advantages of both, steel and wooden garage doors. Fiberglass is a long lasting and economical option. It is difficult to distinguish a wooden door from a fiberglass door, once painted. Moreover fiberglass doors are strong and durable like steel. They are practically maintenance free. Fiberglass doors are also free from changes due to harsh weather and are energy efficient.

Once you have decided what type and material of garage door you will replace your existing door with, it is essential to decide if the garage door mechanisms need replacement. Automatic garage door sales are quickly picking up momentum. There are a number of companies providing high quality garage doors that are not only easy to operate but are also long lasting and economical.

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