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So you’ve decided it’s time to renovate your home.

You want a classic home to match your classic lifestyle and you are about to invest in a serious makeover. Your plans look great, but…hold on! You’ve forgotten the biggest room of all, the room by which you leave and enter your house every single day
— your garage…

Your garage is way more than just an appendage to your home – like your home itself, your garage can also be a unique expression of who you are — space that is a pleasure to come home to.

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Garage Storage System

The moment we decide to buy a house, we immediately put on our thinking hats and start pondering on the tile options, paint and so on. When we think so much for the house, isn’t it important to think about the flooring for garage too? Garage needs to be well-equipped with good garage storage systems, wooden workbenches, and storage cabinets and of course a good garage floor tile.

Best Flooring for your Garage

Cracked, damp and dusty garage floor tile will definitely ruin the entire look of your house as even garage forms a major part of your house. PVC interlocking tiles are supposed to be the best flooring for garage. They are extremely durable and can easily cope with the daily wear and tear. Besides this, you need to remember that the flooring for garage should be easy to be cleaned and maintained. PVC interlocking tiles serve the exact same purpose. They are easy to be maintained and cleaned.

What we mean by a custom organized garage:

  • Save you time and energy by installing the appropriate
    garage storage solutions for your needs — and have any item at your fingertips
  • Double your garage space with our unique accessories
    — hooks, panels, bins and racks make ceiling and walls work for you
  • Include sturdy shelves that allow you to place shoes, cleaning supplies, helmets and tools at eye-level
  • Protect expensive items by storing them in secured cabinets or drawers
  • Avoid making unnecessary purchases — no more double-buying when you know exactly what you have and where it is
  • Attractive, easy to clean flooring– glossy, weight-bearing and able to give traction
  • Garage car lifts accommodate your car, or cars
    — ask us about overhead car-racks too

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Enter USA Garage Solutions

We personally invite you to take advantage of our proven experience in all aspects of garage remodeling, garage installation and garage makeovers. Our top designers will work with you to transform your mundane, utilitarian garage into a veritable showpiece of design aesthetics and efficiency on a par with any other room in your house.

Think about it. You would never tolerate a stained floor, a cracked wall or unsightly clutter in any other part of your house. Make sure that home remodeling is also garage remodeling, that home repair is also garage repair.

This is way more than an improved look. It’s a gift – the realization that options exist to radically change your life for the better. After all, you never stop growing and changing, so why shouldn’t your garage? Invite USA Garage Solutions to show you how effortless a garage makeover can be. Transform your garage – in 48 hours or less – and you will be amazed to benefits in all aspects of your life.

Epoxy Flooring  for your Garage

Besides the PVC interlocking tiles, you can also consider Epoxy flooring for garage. Epoxy flooring for garage provides a hard and durable coating for your garage. They are available in different colors and also lend a stylish look too.

Garage Floor Tiles

Aluminium Chequer plate is yet another option that you can consider for flooring for garage.  This type lends a hi-tech look to your garage and comes in the form of sheets instead of flooring tiles that needs to be fixed to a ply. It definitely lends a great look to your garage.

With so many garage floor tile options, all you need to do is choose the right one to match your taste and style.

It’s time to take your garage to the next level. Realize that your garage is not just a garage — it is a dream of a garage waiting to be realized. The experts at USA Garage Solutions are waiting to share the very latest in garage technology, reorganization products and designs with you…

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USA Garage Solutions — we make your dreams our business!

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