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Have you ever wondered garage as being an integral part of your home? Garage is a place which accommodates everything that you would not want to keep in your living room or bedroom. You can accommodate all the unwanted things in the garage and yet make it look amazingly simply and beautiful by installing garage floor tiles. Your garage flooring is conventionally the most abused component of any structure, making the utilization of garage flooring tiles an essential component of sustaining your clean, safe environment. Many times, the fact that garage floor tile can be purchased in only the quantity needed is one of its most immensely colossal draws. However, as tile is much pricier than just about any garage floor paint, you will probably only be able to cover a component of it. Garage tiles, if bought from the right vendor and of a good quality, would be easy to maintain. Garage floor tiles can be cleaned like ordinary slabs. Clean your garage tiles floor fortnightly with oxygen bleach solution.

Garage tiles

Cleaning garage tiles is an easy process. Without much efforts, you can clean the tiles and make them glow as new. All you have to do is clear the clutter of goods that you may have dumped in your garage. Second, ensure the tiles are swept with a broom. Third, apply oxygen bleach solution and leave it undisturbed for 15 minutes. Once you have followed this process, you will be able to get sparkling clean and stainfree tiles.The solution might sound a tedious process but it is for sure the best way to infuse life into your very own garage tiles. That’s precisely the reason where the selection of the right tiles for your garage could make a world of difference. Although price is an important factor to be considered, when choosing garage floor tiles, it is always advisable to extend the budget a little, just to ensure you avail the best. The aim of this investment should be building a floor that will be long lasting, durable, resistant and extremely easy to maintain.

Dazzle your friends. Change your dull, damaged floor into an eye-catching, attractive feature of your garage with our state-of-the-art interlocking modular floor tiles.

No glue, epoxy or adhesive chemicals are required, so no mess and no toxic fumes.


Our products are available in a variety of styles in both standard and unlimited custom colors. Installation is astonishingly easy and quick – just clean and clear your garage floor – our ingenious inter-locking tiles simply snap into place on the spot and your new floor is immediately ready for use.

Be creative — tiles can be placed in the design of your choice! Want stripes?  A border? A checkerboard pattern? No problem! Use our ideas and color schemes or design your own!

For a co-coordinated look, choose the same design of your floor tile for your garage appliances and cabinets.

Our tough, attractive stylish floors are also suitable for basements, porches, patios or work areas.

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Garage Floor Tiles

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