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Overhead Garage Doors

Are you looking for an overhead garage door? Are you looking to replace an existing overhead garage door? Are you building a new garage? Well, then look no further. We have a lot of variety of overhead garage doors. Traditional swinging garage doors are being replaced with overhead garage doors. Your overhead garage doors are likely the biggest mechanical device in your home. Overhead garage doors are types of garage doors that pull up from the bottom and stays over the top of the vehicle after the door is opened. There are different varieties of garage doors available in the marketplace like clopay garage doors, amarr garage doors, barn style garage doors, carriage house garage doors,etc. Similarly, garage door prices depend upon your selection from the available variety. However, garage door prices do influence your selection to a great extent.

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Garage Door Repair

The Garage Door Opener is a marvelous invention. With it you need not get out of your car to get into the garage. However, machines do get spoilt and there arises the need to repair or replace the same for you to continue availing benefits of the same. For e.g.:- An overhead garage door might malfunction after some years and you might realize the need for a garage door repair.

Garage Door Opener

Overhead garage doors also come with remote operating facility. A garage door opener was first invented in 1926. An automatic garage door opener is a remarkable labor saving device. Since then, advancement in technology has only helped to further improve the variants available in a garage door opener.

Here at USA Garage Solutions, we care about what’s outside your garage, not only what’s inside it. We work with our partners to provide a full range of garage door repair, replacement, and installation services.

Utilizing the highest-quality doors and openers, we can help you revitalize or restore the most important part of your garage: the doors.


We service and install garage-door openers, garage rails, fail-safe systems, and doors themselves. We have a wide array of doors to choose from, from the simple-and-clean to the elegant and ornate. An oft-overlooked part of the garage door system is the insulation; many of our products include this, and we can install insulation on existing systems. See the images below to learn more about the differences between different types of insulated garage doors, and why insulation is so important.

Lower-profile rail and opener systems can help you reduce clutter in your garage space and clear up room for overhead storage, as well as eliminating a potentially hazardous obstruction in the garage. We offer a variety of high-quality Liftmaster garage-door opener systems to choose from; let us help you find the ideal solution for your needs.

Garage Door Openers Door Insulation Materials
Belt Drive
The quietest garage-door opener we sell. Choose a belt-drive system when quiet operation is important.
Steel Garage Doors
Amarr steel doors are built with low maintenance, heavy-duty steel. Choose from 1000 single, 2000 double or 3000 triple-layer construction for your desired level of energy efficiency and noise control. Experience the strength, security, and piece of mind you get with steel.
Chain Drive
The simplest, most durable solution we sell. Choose a chain-drive system for heavier doors.
Composite Garage Doors
By JELD-WEN wood composite doors are unaffected by climate changes. They are environment friendly and are made from recycled wood fibers and high-tech resins. These doors are capable of withstanding cracks, splits, separation, shrinkage, expansion, rot, and will not rust. They are aesthetically appealing , durable and easy to maintain.
Direct Drive
Wall-mounted rather than overhead. Choose this system to free airspace in your garage, and eliminate ugly guide rails.
Wood Garage Doors
Amarr’s wood doors are built on durable, heavy-duty, commercial steel frames with an extra thermal barrier of polystyrene insulation. They can be customized as per your needs and requirements. They are visually appealing, exquisitely crafted with distinctive looks.


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