Car Lifts

Each of us dread of parking our vehicle because of lack of space especially in cities. Parking is definitely a must in every metropolitan city. Each day more and more people are making their way into the city and most cities are crowded and parking vehicles has become a big issue. A car is definitely the best way to commute but when you own a car it is important to have your own parking space in your house. Parking spaces are very limited in the cities and hence most parking place proprietors are using parking lift to serve as parking space. A parking lift system helps you to park as many cars as possible without consuming too much space.

What is parking lift?

But wait a minute, what is parking lift? A parking lift helps in stacking one car above the other without damaging the one parked below. This kind of parking lift is mostly found in malls and such crowded places. The best part is that you can customize the parking lift as per your requirement and preference. If you intend to move into a city, do not worry as there are many apartments that have parking lift to help you solve the parking problem with a snap of your finger. Last but not the least, there is one thing that you need to remember while using a parking lift. Always remember to activate the brake of your car while parking it in a parking lift and make sure you position your car properly to avoid any kind of unpleasant mishaps.

Automotive Parking Lifts

Parking your car takes up a lot of space. We work with a leader in high density vehicle storage systems to provide innovative storage solutions for the automotive enthusiast or the homeowner who wants to maximize their garage utility.

Have a sports car that only comes out on Sundays?
Why should it be a space-hog every day of the week?

We offer options to solve this space issue. We offer the low profile 2-Post Hydraulic Double Parking Car Stacker, which allows you to make the most of your garage space. The Double Parking Car Stacker even fits in a single-car garage.

Having the ability to keep any car you own in the garage will vastly extend the life of paint, upholstry, and critical rubber parts. A car with faded paint, sun-chipped interior plastics, and deteriorating rubber trim and hoses won’t maintain its value as well as one that has avoided this type of damage.

Nature can be your car’s worst enemy, so keeping your car inside will enable you to preserve that new-car look longer than you would if left outdoors. Allowing you to extend the life of your vehicles, and preserve their resale value, the automotive parking lift more than pays for itself.

Let USAGarageSolutions transform your garage into the ultimate parking spot.


  • Low profile 2post hydraulic parking car stacker
  • Length 13′-8″, Width 7′-11″ to 8’3″
  • Clearance requirements 9′-6″
  • Overall height of equipment 8′-3″
  • Lifting capacity per platform 6000lbs
  • Weight of unit 2980
  • Electrical requirements 3-phase 208-220V/single phase 110-220V
  • Operation hydraulic with manual override
  • Additional requirements power pack Unit (for up to 30 stack)
  • Power requirements: single phase 110-220 Volts


  • Galvanized steel beds with standard steel members
  • Commercial grade and design
  • Inside or outside storage use
  • Stand alone self supporting frame
  • Can relocate and move
  • Electric motor or hydraulic power pack
  • For your family SUV and your weekend car


  • Standard key lock switch for security
  • Automatic shutoff if operator release key switch
  • Steel on steel locks hold upper platform in place
  • Manual Locks required on lower unit


    • Shipped by common carriers to most locations
    • Installed by our factory trained techs


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